A cross-culture episodic serial set in hk


 Genre: Satire, Comedy-drama. Slice of Life. Contemporary Asian.

An Asian-metropolis (HK) flatshare amongst 3 cross-culture 30-something singles (Hong Kong Chinese + Indian + Mainland Chinese), serves as a background for the mocking of modern upwardly-mobile pretenses.  

High-achievers who fail fairly frequently, yet help each other stay on the path of faith and growth. Unplanned-for friendships that strengthen through adversity and time. Supported by the robust ageless wisdom of the domestic canine.

Through humour, honest portrayal and dissection of modern urban-living challenges, each episode ends with hope.

Language: mainly English, spoken in accents natural to the character’s background. Liberal use of  local expressions  in Cantonese and Putonghua by respective characters. 

 Lead Male to be played by Vivek Mabhubani 


Lead Dog to be played by Naga





Can work in English and Cantonese. Putonghua an advantage. 

Not averse to working with dogs.

Actress - Jenny  

Chinese female, lead. Speaks English & Cantonese. Acting age 30-35. Credible as someone who has lived and studied in an English-speaking country .

Would love to work with dogs.

An ex-banker reforming as a wine master.

She’s a pragmatist and likes to fix other people’s problems even though she can’t seem to solve her own.

Although confident in her manner, she is deeply insecure. 

Suffers from Fear of Missing Out and as a result, sometimes desperately active.

Believes in mysticism as insurance.


Actress - Trista

Chinese female, strong supporting role. Acting age 27-35. Speaks mainly in Putonghua with halting English and Cantonese.

Can work with dogs.

A goth and a Masters student. An avid vlogger to a Mainland audience, partly to mask her social awkwardness.

She has a huge heart and risks being generous with her help whenever she can, even though she knows it may not be appreciated.

Ambitious, conscientious, feels the weight of expectations from her family/ upbringing.

All levels of experience considered.

Sample portfolio requried.

Pay will be commensurate with experience.


Auditions/ Interviews: from 29 October 2019

Rehearsals: February 2020

Shoot: March 2020.

Maximum 10 full days.

Precise dates to be coordinated by character and availability.

Location: Hong Kong.

Please contact hcc@crosswordproductions.com